Monday, February 27, 2012

More Wind for the Rockies!

The long-range weather forecast posted back on December 17, 2011 is finding its fulfillment in the windy conditions over the Rockies. The forecast was posted over 2 months ago and read as follows:

Winter 2011-12 The Rockies
February 27, 2012
Similar conditions should generate cold and windy conditions around this time as well.

The National Weather Service has been issuing warnings for various parts of the Rockies since yesterday. Here's a quick sampling.






The Accuweather maps below show the storm pattern and the snowfall expected.

26 Southwest

27 Colorado

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 22-23, 2012 Forecast Results

The Feb/Mar 2012 edition of The Mountain Astrologer carries an article I wrote entitled The Winters of 2011 – 2014: An Astrometeorological Assessment. Over the last couple of months, I've been posting the results of these forecasts as they come due. This post looks at the forecast for Feburary 22-23, 2012.

In the article, I share how Mercury, due to its changing motion, will begin to linger over certain terrestrial longitudes between February 22nd and March 12th. Two of these areas include eastern China, through Beijing, and eastern Canada, through Nova Scotia. As Mercury forms aspects with other planets, a weather reaction will ensue over the aforementioned areas. Let's see how the first forecast has shaped up.

February 22-23, 2012
On February 22nd and 23rd, Mercury will oppose a retrograde Mars exciting storms and whipping winds. The corresponding area of Russia will feel its effects. Over 64 west longitude, this argues a strong winter storm affecting New England and Nova Scotia.

The China Meteorological Administration reported that from Feb. 22 to 25, moderate to heavy snow would affect central and eastern Jilin. This Chinese province lies in northeastern China. Heavy rain was also forecast for northeastern Jiangxi, which lies in southeastern China, and for Anhui, just north of Jiangxi in eastern China, as well as for Zhejiang, which borders the other two provinces and lies along China's east coast. I don't have any weather records for Russia, but we can see that the weather over this area where Mercury is concentrating its influence has responded to the storm-breeding capabilities of the Mercury-Mars opposition in keeping with years of astrometeorological observations.

What about the areas of New England and eastern Canada?

The following Accuweather map is for Thursday, February 23rd and shows an intensifying storm over New England bringing snow and rain.

23 Hugh Contrast
This same storm then becomes a major snowstorm affecting eastern Canada and Nova Scotia over the next couple of days as seen in the Accuweather map below. Canada's weather office issued warnings for high winds, blowing snow, and significant snowfall over these eastern areas. Once again, the corresponding weather is true to form for a Mercury-Mars opposition.

24 Eastern Canada

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Windy Conditions Fulfill Forecast

The Weather Alternative long-range forecast for this period was posted on December 17, 2011 in a post entitled Winter 2011-12 The Rockies . Here's the original forecast:

February 18, 2012
In and around this date, an influx of cold air over the Rockies should result in windy conditions.

19 High Winds

As seen from the Accuweather map above, this is exactly what is happening. We still in and around Feb 18th, today being the 20th. Today The Weather Channel forecast states, "Very windy conditions will especially target parts of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Gusts to the lee side of the Rockies will exceed 60 mph."

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 13-15, 2012 Forecast Results

The next in the long-range weather forecast series published in The Mountain Astrologer is ready to be looked at. This is the forecast for February 13-15 and was drawn up over half a year ago in July 2011. The forecasts appeared in the Feb/Mar 2012 edition of the magazine.

February 13-15, 2012
The combined influence of Mercury conjunct Neptune, and Venus square Pluto will increase atmospheric moisture, resulting in atmospheric disturbances where these planets occupy the angles of key charts. The U.S. West Coast will see a storm system move into the Pacific Northwest and push toward the Rockies. Precipitation intensifies over the Plains states, around Iowa and Missouri, while the Northeast gets in on the storm action as well.

Cold air will funnel down through Siberia toward central China, triggering storms.

Between the 13th and 15th a number of storms moved in over the Pacific Northwest and California. The Accuweather map below for the 13th shows what is called an "inside slider" or storm system that slides into California from the northwest focusing its energy over the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin.

15 California

This next Accuweather map is for the 14th and shows another of a continuing parade of storms that brought unsettled conditions to the Pacific Northwest.

14 Weekend Snowstorm

The forecast also mentioned precipitation intensifying over the Plains especially Iowa and Missouri. The Weather Channel map below for the 13th shows snow and rain affecting Iowa and Missouri as well as the Plains. According to The Weather Channel several inches of snow blanketed a wide area from the central Plains to the Appalachians while the heaviest snow, around 3 to 5 inches, targeted central Missouri.

Feb 13

The storm action forecast for the Northeast arrived on the 16th, a day after the forecast period ended, although there was some spotty snow for the interior Northeast on Valentine's Day. The Weather Channel map below for the 16th shows the arrival of the low pressure system.

Feb 16
The forecast also called for cold and storms to hit central China. The China Meteorological Administration reported on the 135h that from Feb.13 to 15, there will be a large-scale snow or snow in central China. The next day they reported large-scale snow and rain in central and eastern China.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 7-9, 2012 Forecast Results

The next forecast that appeared in the Feb/Mar 2012 edition of The Mountain Astrologer covered the Feb 7-9 period. These forecasts were elaborated in July of 2011 about 7 months ago.
Here are the results.

February 7-9, 2012
This three-day stretch features a Sun-Mercury conjunction, Saturn's retrograde station, and the conjunction and parallel of Venus with Uranus. Each of these is a cold-weather breeder. Stateside, these planetary influences congregate over the 79th degree of west longitude through the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast and promise wintry precipitation and cold temperatures.

On the 8th, a storm system brought some light snow to the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and some rain to the northern parts of the Southeast as shown in the Accuweather map below.

07 A bit of snow

But the cold indicated by these planetary alignments took an extra day to really kick in. Accuweather reported that on the 10th an arctic cold front would aggressively roll into the Great Lakes, Northeast, and New England and develop a coast storm bringing snow from the Delmarva through New England.

09 Snowy Start

Forecasts were also issued for Europe and China.

February 7-9, 2012
Uranus occupies the 8th degree of east longitude through Germany and Switzerland. The surrounding areas will get a shot of winter wind and snow. Winter weather is indicated through central and eastern China.

During this time, Europe found itself in the midst of a continuing cold wave with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below normal. The 7th brought windy and unsettled conditions throughout the Mediterranean with gales and heavy showers. On the 9th snow was reported in central Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland. As seen on the Accuweather map below, Friday, the 10th, brought the development of a low pressure area over Italy bringing snow there and eastward.
07 Europe
As for China, according to the China Meteorological Administration the 7th brought a temperature drop of 6 to 8 degrees in south China with windy conditions. The 8th brought light to moderate snow with isolated heavy snow to parts of southern China. From Feb.9 to 10, freezing rain was forecast to hit central and western Guizhou.
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Thursday, February 02, 2012

January 27-29, 2012 Forecast Results

We continue to report the results of long-range weather forecasts drawn up six months ago (July 2011) and published in the Feb/Mar issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. These forecasts are based on planetary cycles and alignments. Here's the next forecast in the series.

January 27-29, 2012
Winter storminess is indicated for most of the country based on Mercury's squares to Saturn and Jupiter, but in and around Louisiana and the Great Lakes are two places that appear to stand out for winter precipitation.

25 Louisiana

The above Accuweather map shows the severe storm setup for Thursday, January 26th, one day ahead of the long-range forecast period. Notice the severe threat over the Louisiana area. Mobile, Ala., was smacked by heavy rain and strong winds during the storms during the midday hours Thursday. Thunderstorms began slamming Louisiana as early as the evening of the 25th.

The next Accuweather map is for Saturday, January 28th.

27 Midwest

This maps shows a clipper system hitting the Great Lakes area as predicted in the long-range forecast. Some areas picked up 1 to 2 inches while others locally got between 2 and 4 inches.

January 27-29, 2012
In Europe, Scandinavia should be in the path of a winter storm and Portugal should receive a good soaking while storm-brewing ingredients come together over the east coast of China.

26 Blizzard Europe
Snow was reported across the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, and northern Sweden on the 26th, but the big story was the blizzard that dumped more than 2 feet of snow on southeastern Europe particularly Bulgaria and Romania. No rain was reported across Portugal.
Over the east coast of China the China Meteorological Administration reported:
On January 26 and 27, central and eastern China will see a drop in temperature by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. North of the Huaihe River will see northerly wind with scale 4 to 6. East seas of China will see northerly wind with scale 7 to 8 and gust up to scale 9.
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Herb Stevens of WLNE Providence, RI
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