Sunday, January 08, 2017

December 2016 Forecast Results

In November 2016, I ventured some long-range weather forecasts for the period between December 19-30, 2016. The first period, December 20-29, specified the southern California area and West Coast States in general. The forecast called for rainy and blustery conditions. Here's the original forecast map showing the planetary influences that would congregate over the area.

LQ Moon Dec 2016


The Weather Channel map below shows an intense low pressure system setting up over California. The National Weather Service's headlines for December 21st through the 23rd reported the following:

Dec 21; ...Heavy rain possible for parts of the Pacific Northwest/Northern

Dec 22: ...Energetic storm system to bring heavy rain and snow to much of
the western U.S...

Dec 23: ...Flooding rains possible tonight across portions of coastal
southern California...

20 Christmas Weekend

The next portion of the forecast was for December 26-30. At this time, the long-range forecast called for gusty winds and storm conditions to plague the Central and Eastern Plains,


On Christmas day blizzard conditions assailed the Central and Eastern Plains. Accuweather reported that this episode of severe weather would threaten lives from Texas to Iowa bringing everything from large hail to isolated tornadoes. As the forecast period came to a close on the 28th and 29th, high wind warnings were posted from Montana southward through Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico

21 Christmas Blizzard

The last forecast period was that of December 29th. More cold and windy conditions were forecast to close out the year and usher in the new one over the Pacific Northwest.


On the 31st, the National Weather Service reported ...Heavy snow possible from portions of the Pacific Northwest to the northern upper-level trough will dig into the Pacific
Northwest tonight and will persist through Monday. At the surface, a cold front will move southward across the Pacific Northwest through the next couple days...

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