Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Dangerous Weather Pattern October 30-November 3, 2013

The commencement of the fall season on September 22nd of this year set up some important planetary influences over the central U.S. These initial positions are about to be triggered during the period of October 30th through November 3rd. A simple glance at the astro-locality map for the beginning of the fall season shows five planetary lines making various crossings over the eastern Plains.


The three vertical lines from left to right represent the positions of Saturn, the Moon, and Venus. The two diagonal lines crossing them from left to right represent Pluto and Jupiter.

Serious planetary activity starts around October 30th when transit Mercury conjoins the middle of the three vertical lines or the Moon line. Mercury is at this time retrograde, which increases its storm-engendering capabilities. Then on November 1st, the Sun will conjoin this retrograde Mercury exactly on the Saturn line. When the Sun conjoins a retrograde Mercury very stormy and windy conditions are indicated--much more so when taking place on Saturn's position.

At the same time, Saturn will now move over the Venus line or the rightmost of the three vertical lines mentioned. Uranus will make a square aspect to the Pluto line, and Jupiter will make a square aspect to the Mercury line, which is the blue line running vertically through the Rocky Mountains.

Taken together we appear to have the potential for a major storm system to affect the central Plains and Mississippi Valley area at this time. This may be one of those storm systems which starts on the West Coast and transfers its energy eastward until it really cranks up over the Plains. I wouldn't be surprised to see the National Weather Service begin to issue severe weather warnings as far south as Texas and northward through the Plains. These may include winter weather warnings and high wind warnings. The Weather Channel of late has started to name winter storms. Although we're not in the winter season, they may give this storm some kind of name.

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