Thursday, October 31, 2019

November 14 and 27, 2019 Long-range U.S. Weather Forecast

Solar and lunar eclipses have long been part of the long-range weather forecaster's arsenal of predictive charts for formulating forecasts. The most recent lunar eclipse of July 2019 seems to show a set up of planetary forces that might be good to discuss in a bit more detail.

The astro-locality map below shows to key players that will affect weather patterns in November 2019. The vertical line over the Mississippi Valley shows where the influence of Neptune will be felt, and the white line running along the East Coast represents the planet Jupiter.

The type of relationship these two are in during the month of November is known among astro-meteorologists to increase moisture significantly. Thus, there is a strong possibility that precipitation over the Mississippi Valley area and over the East Coast will be substantial. This can signify flooding rains and abundant tropical moisture. It would be within reason to say that moisture could be pulled up from the Gulf of Mexico over the Mississippi Valley area or that a strong front running along the length of the East Coast could dump significant rainfall. Since we're in hurricane season at this time, another possibility is that some sort of tropical system affects these areas.

Exactly when should we expect such activity?

There are two periods that stand out to me. The days surrounding the 14th of November are important since Venus enters into alignment with Jupiter and Neptune along with the Moon. Another key period will be in and around the 27th of November as the Moon will once again trigger the relationship between Jupiter and Neptune.

Europe may also see some weather activity at this time as well. We see Jupiter affecting 4 degrees of west longitude through the United Kingdom and Spain while Neptune cuts a path through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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