Saturday, March 12, 2005

Forecast Results

Forecasts published in Dell Magazine
January 2005

The following forecasts were prepared in July 2004 (6 months before publication).

December 27-29 2004: ...a relatively warm southerly air northward over the Mississippi Valley...windy conditions may be noticeable...across the Ohio Valley and Southeast suggesting a warm up for these areas.

December 28, 2004: (Weather Channel) Warmer weather will also be on the way into the Ohio Valley…
Sunny and pleasant is the best way to describe the weather across the South today.
December 29, 2004: (Weather Channel) Mild weather will surge across the central and eastern portions of the country again today. Sunny skies and mild temperatures will be the order for the day across the South. Highs will climb into the 60s almost region-wide. Seventy-degree temperatures will be felt along the Gulf Coast.

January 22-24, 2005:...Storms will center along 83 West Longitude. This takes in the areas from the eastern Great Lakes southward through the Ohio Valley, and Georgia.

January 22, 2005: (Weather Channel)
A powerful snowstorm continues pulling away from the snowbound Midwest tonight. It has left quite a footprint on the region from the northern Plains into the Great Lakes…strong winds will persist, especially in the Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. Snow and wind will be the concern tonight over the southern Appalachians. Heavy snow and high wind warnings are flying. Totals over 6 inches seem likely in the Smoky Mountains, accompanied by gusts in the 30 to 50 mph range.
January 23, 2005: Across the Smoky Mountains and all of the southern Appalachians…snow showers and strong winds will make traveling difficult. Wind advisories and warnings have been issued for much of the Southeast, making for a blustery day in Charlotte and Atlanta…

Forecasts published in Prediction Magazine UK
January 2005

The following forecasts were prepared in September 2004 (4 months before publication).

December 27-30, 2004: Temperate weather is indicated during the winter season...Such will be the case at this time...bringing relatively warm and fair conditions to the United Kingdom.

December 28, 2004: (UK Met Office) Today
Southern and eastern areas dry with sunny periods. Scattered showers in the west and north, with snow on hills.
December 29, 2004: Today
Rain and drizzle over N.Ireland and Scotland, along with higher temperatures…Ahead of this, mainly dry with sunny spells. Windy over Scotland.

January 7-9, 2005:...creating a clash of warm and cold air masses. The result may be another stormy period with gale warnings.

January 7, 2005: (UK Met Office) This Evening and Tonight
Heavy rain, with snow over Scottish hills, will extend to all areas before clearing by dawn. Widespread gales, with dangerous, damaging winds over northern, eastern England and southern Scotland later. Gusts of 70 m.p.h. are expected across much of the country, but gusts across southern Scotland, northern and eastern England may reach 90 m.p.h. in places.
January 8, 2005: Severe gales across northern England moderating, but remaining very windy in many places.

January 12-14, 2005:...Falling temperatures and clear skies...

January 12, 2005: (UK Met Office) This Evening and Tonight
Showers continuing in north and northeast Scotland, and staying windy in the far northeast of Scotland, but much of the UK will be dry with light winds and a touch of frost.
January 13, 2005: Most areas dry and frosty.

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