Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Where is Wilma headed?

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Hurricane Wilma

In a recent post entitled Some October Forecasts, I mentioned "Tropical storm formation seems likely north of Haiti near 72 West Longitude and 22 North Latitude. The island itself should feel the effects of tropical downpours at this time."

MSNBC reported today that "Hurricane Wilma triggered mudslides that killed up to 10 people in Haiti as the season’s record-tying 21st storm strengthened rapidly on Tuesday and headed for the Gulf of Mexico on a path toward storm-weary Florida."

Conventional forecasters foresee Wilma hitting southern or central Florida by this weekend. This Saturday, the 22nd, shows important planetary alignements between the Sun and Jupiter, and Mercury and Mars. The recent Lunar Eclipse of October 17th focuses some of these energies over the Florida Panhandle. This may be an indication where Wilma will make landfall.

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