Monday, November 14, 2005

Tropical Storm Gamma and Midwest Storm

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Here are some updates on The Weather Alternative's November Forecasts. These were prepared between August 21, 2005 and September 6, 2005.

November 12-15, 2005:
Forecast: It seems that a tropical weather system, be it a tropical wave, storm etc., or other severe weather pattern will affect HispaƱola.

As can be seen from the above map, Tropical Depression 27 (soon to be upgraded to Tropical Storm Gamma) is forecast to pass close to HispaƱola over the next few days.

Another Weather Alternative forecast that's shaping up is the following:

November 14-17, 2005:
Forecast: The incursion of colder air over the eastern half of the country and consequent tumbling temperatures will necessitate frost and freeze advisories over the region. The 16th and 17th appear to be high points when cold air and windy conditions will manifest over the Mississippi Valley area.

The Weather Channel reports the following:

A strong cold front will smash into the South tomorrow, and with it, some very dangerous weather. While scattered showers and storms will speckle much of the South, nasty thunderstorms with the potential for damaging winds and violent tornadoes will sweep eastward from the eastern parts of Oklahoma and Texas across the Mississippi Valley during the daylight hours and on eastward during the evening. At highest risk for potentially deadly storms are eastern Arkansas, western Tennessee, northern Mississippi and northwest Alabama. Behind the front, gusty winds will hurl colder air southward toward the Texas Gulf Coast and eastward into the lower Mississippi Valley.

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