Saturday, October 07, 2006

Coming Cold Wave

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Conventional meteorologists over the last few days have been warning us of a very powerful cold front that will push southward over the Plains and move toward the east. Here's the latest from Accuweather:
...a blast of cold air...will reach the Plains Wednesday (11th) of next week. A sharp cold front from northern Canada will bring temperatures 15 to 25 degrees below normal, and combined with a strong wind, a drastic change will be on the horizon. Showers and thunderstorms ahead of this cold front will pass through the Plains and into the east. Some locations will receive their first snow of the season behind this cold front as rain will change to snow across the northern Plains, northern Great Lakes, as well as the northern Rockies.
This cold blast will reach southward into the southern Plains and push eastward toward the Atlantic coastline.

This will be a direct fulfillment of The Weather Alternative's October 10-12, 2006 forecast posted at the end of September, which read:

Storms should rev up over the Plains and West Coast. After the 12th, falling temperatures and windy conditions are in store for the eastern U.S.

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