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September 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

September 2007 boasts some important planetary
alignments that will affect our weather. Among these are Mars square Uranus, and Mars opposition Pluto. During September, Venus will oppose Neptune, and the Sun will square Jupiter, Pluto and Mars. Read on to see when and where severe weather outbreaks or tropical systems will affect the United States and Mexico.

Sept 2-4
Different models show possible tropical activity over or near the Baja. The first one places a Sun/Jupiter crossing southwest of the Baja at 112W/22N. The second sets up a Uranus/Moon crossing at 117W/28N, and the third places a Mars/Uranus crossing at 114W/31N. A tropical system, or the remnants of one may hit the area. A second scenario is that moisture is pumped up over the Baja into the desert Southwest.

Sept 2-5
Several planetary indicators point to possible tropical activity or severe weather over the State of Florida. Mercury's square to Pluto and the Sun's square to Jupiter focus their energies in the waters off of Miami and over the eastern Gulf through the Florida Panhandle. Independent weather systems may bring severe storms to both these areas unless some sort of tropical system hits the Miami area and then crosses into the eastern Gulf and affects the Florida Panhandle.
Further north, through the Mid-Atlantic States and Northeast, storms are indicated.

Sept 3-5
Mercury, the swiftness of the planets, is an important trigger element in atmospheric changes. At this time Mercury will square Pluto, which has taken up residence during the summer season over the Plains States through 95 west longitude. Moisture will be pulled up from the Gulf and feed into a deepening low-pressure area over the Plains. The result: more than likely severe thunderstorms with perhaps some hail. And we mustn't forget one of Mercury's trademarks: damaging winds.

Sept 7-11
Pluto's station should bring a cold front over the Pacific NW, which may trigger storms.

Sept 7-11
During this period Pluto begins its direct movement. From my observations, Pluto primarily brings cold weather. The Solar Ingress places Pluto over the Plains affecting the 95th line of longitude through Dallas, Kansas City, and Sioux Falls. I think we can expect a cold front to muscle its way southward from the High Plains to Texas. As the front makes its way south, it will likely trigger storms along the way.
On the 9th, the Sun is opposition Uranus, another cold air breeding combination, and affects the Rockies. The cold air should be firmly in place by the 11th and interact with warm, moist air creating severe storms that will affect the Front Range of Colorado as well as areas to the north and south of it.

Sept 7-10

Pluto's direct station now affects the eastern portion of the country. A cold front will push into the region prompting storms if enough moisture is available.

Sept 9-11
The Sun's opposition to Uranus, and it's contraparallel to Mercury, as well as Venus' quincunx to Uranus as seen in the Last Quarter Moon chart, along with the transit Moon in the Solar Ingress will bring a storm system over the Pacific Northwest at this time. The Moon triggers certain planetary alignments in the Last Quarter chart as well. Sun-Uranus aspects coincide with sharp dips in temperatures and erratic gusty winds.

Sept 12-14
The summer seasonal map sets up Mercury on the Midheaven over 80 West. Mercury's position on the Midheaven can indicate areas where strong sporadic winds occur. This position will be activated now producing windy conditions throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. This may take the form of a cold front that triggers storms producing damaging winds or a tropical system that originates south of Cuba and heads northward toward Florida.

Sept 13-15
Combining the LE and Sun 0 Mercury charts and high pressure system will affect the West. Wind might be involved.

Sept 14-17
The Sun's square to Mars, and Mercury's parallel to Uranus will disrupt atmospheric conditions over the eastern Rockies and western Plains. This storm system will likely produce strong to severe thunderstorms over the area.

Sept 17-19
The Sun's squares to Mars and Pluto are focused over the country's midsection at 97 west longitude. While strong storms can be expected over the Plains, the greatest intensity is indicated off the east coast of Mexico around 97 west longitude and 22 north latitude. This roughly corresponds to the southern portion of the state of Tamaulipas and the northern portion of the state of Veracruz. There is a good chance that this will result in a tropical system there. The western Texas Gulf Coast is within range of this influence.

Sept 21-22
Atmospheric turbulence is still indicated for the Plains at this time as the Mars-Pluto opposition affects the 95th meridian. Storms and tornadoes are possible. Once again, the strongest concentration is found in the waters of the west central Gulf. This may just be a continuation or strengthening of the severe weather mentioned in the Sept 17-19 forecast.

Sept 21-26
Tropical trouble is brewing off the east coast of the US. A powerful Mars opposition Pluto should be instrumental in generating a storm system (most likely tropical) or attracting an existing one to the waters of the western Atlantic around 73 west longitude and 33 north latitude. At latitude 33 north, this is roughly 340 miles east of the South Carolina coast.
Severe storms are indicated through eastern New York and into New England at this time. One scenario is that the aforementioned tropical system heads north, hits the Long Island area, and then continues through New England and Nova Scotia.

Sept 28-30
There is a chance of some severe weather developing over the arrowhead of Minnesota at this time. Look for a low-pressure system.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for taking the time and your talents to put this information where everyone can see it.

Although I have been an astrologer for 40 years I have never tried to do any weather forecasting.

I live in what is called tornado ally at 97W42 33N04. I shall be consulting your blog often. How often to you put new information up on your blog?

Which charts do you use?
Ingress charts for every season? Then to that you add the New Moon and Full Moon charts set up for the place where you live?

Then you look at the place and times that planets change direction?

Then you look to see if planets are making any aspects to each other plus the parallel?

Have I got that right?

Keep up the good work!

I have never blogged before so please forgive me if I have asked some pretty dumb questions. I believe that if you do not ask, you do not learn.


The Weather Alternative said...

Dear Colleen,

Welcome to the Weather Alternative. Yes, I use all the charts etc. that you mentioned. I try and post something every 4 or 5 days if possible. I also like to post the results of the long-range forecasts I've made.

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