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February 2008 Weather Outlook

The Weather Alternative presents its forecast for February 2008.
The following forecasts are based on planetary alignments, eclipses, and other celestial phenomena.

February will bring us, among other things, conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune, the Sun and Mercury, as well as Mercury and Venus. Read on to see how these, and other, planetary alignments are likely to affect the weather in the United States.

Feb 1-3
A cold air mass descends over the Mississippi Valley area and heads east only to clash with a warm, moist air mass over the Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions resulting in storms.
A storm system pushes into the West Coast states continuing through the Great Basin area and into the Rockies.

Feb 3-6
Precipitation is on the way to areas in the Plains and Mississippi Valley thanks to the influence of Mercury conjunct Neptune, which is exact on the 2nd.

Feb 6-8
A cooler and drier air mass will lower temperatures as it spreads over the Rockies. Strong winds or storms packing strong winds will afflict the Mississippi Valley and push into the East Central area. The Northeast and New England will also get a shot of cold air that may trigger storms.

Feb 9-11
A storm system or a strong front producing storms will take shape over the Southeast and mid-Atlantic area as moisture is pulled up over the region.

Feb 13-15

A warm and dry air mass moves northward over Texas into the Plains.

Feb 18-20
Mercury's direct station and indications in the Lunar Eclipse chart show a weather event shaping up over the Mississippi Valley and into the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. Mercury draws colder air into the region which will set off storms, which may be particularly intense in and around the Carolinas.

Feb 24-26

A warm air mass from the south will dominate the New England area at this time. The arrival of warmer, moist air may initially result in precipitation.

Feb 23-27
A stormy period for the West Coast. The Sun and Saturn in opposition begin the parade of what appears to be a number of consecutive low-pressure systems that that push ashore with rain, higher elevation snow, and cold temperatures.

Feb 23-26
Potentially severe weather will unfold over the Mississippi Valley at this time. An intensifying low pressure area will set off severe thunderstorms throughout the region.

Feb 26-28
Mars will activate the solar eclipse of March 18, 2007 resulting in inclement weather for the Pacific Northwest and British Colombia and a moisture-laden air mass that will push up over the Southeast into the Ohio Valley prompting storms along the way.

Feb 28-Mar 1

A stormy period looms for the Mississippi Valley area. A cold air mass will swirl into the area prompting potentially severe storms.

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