Friday, February 22, 2008

March Forecasts

The Capricorn Solar Ingress finishes up its three month tenure on the 19th of March and makes way for the Vernal Equinox chart to begin its reign over our spring weather. There is quite an array of angular planets across the U.S. Of the 10 heavenly bodies, 7 of them are lined up across the a 35 degree span that covers the western U.S., the Rockies, Plains, and East Central States.

The Sun is positioned at 85 degrees west longitude through the Deep South and in close square to Pluto. I'm hoping this will continue to bring needed rain for the Southeast, something that the Capricorn Solar Ingress helped to deliver.

The following forecasts are based on the Solar Ingresses mentioned above. Of course other charts must be consulted as well, such as lunations, eclipses etc. Time permitting, future posts will focus on their role in our 2008 spring season.

March 4-7
Mars now transits over the Mississippi Valley stirring up heat and triggering storms.

March 5-8
Aspects between the Sun and Uranus are known to lower temperatures and bring cold, dry air. The Rockies is the focal point now. Storms are likely to be triggered as the colder air mass moves into the region. A similar setup is shown over the Northeast.

March 11-13
Windy conditions or storms packing dangerous winds are indicated over the Mississippi Valley area.

March 14-16
Another potentially active period over the Mississippi Valley and eastward. Severe thunderstorms are possible.

March 15-19
This will be an active period for the West Coast. Mercury and Venus will perfect their square to Saturn. All of these are located along the California coast and promise a parade of storms over the area between these dates.

March 17-19
A cold front over the Mississippi Valley triggers storms.

March 20-22
A front or low-pressure system tracks through the eastern U.S. bringing storms from Michigan through the Southeast.

March 23-25
The conjunction between Mercury and Venus centers over 99 west longitude. A warm and moist air mass will be pulled northward over Texas and the Plains setting off storms.

March 27-30
Both Mercury and Uranus are considered "cold" planets in astrometeorology. Their conjunction on the 27th will set in motion the Jupiter-Uranus sextile, which is exact the day after. We expect lower temperatures and fair conditions from the Jupiter-Uranus sextile, but Mercury's conjunction to Uranus as well as Venus' conjunction to Uranus on the 28th may add a stormy factor to this set up. The areas to be affected are from the eastern Plains and western Great Lakes southward.

March 29-31
The Sun's square to Mars affects the Northeast U.S. The storms that affected the eastern Plains around the 27th will most likely arrive over the Northeast now.

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