Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thoughts About the End of March

The Full Moon of March 21, 2008 promises some severe weather patterns for the U.S. at the end of March. As can be seen from the astro-locality map on the right, a number of planets occupy angular positions (represented by the different colored lines on the map) at the time of the Full Moon. In addition to this, these planetary lines cross with each other at different locations especially over the western U.S. and over the Plains. I've circled these crossings or "parans" to make them more obvious.

These crossings, along with planetary aspects in the most recent lunar eclipse chart, indicate that major weather changes will be underway for the West Coast, Great Basin, and Rockies starting around March 26th and continuing through the 30th. The most likely scenario is that a very strong low pressure system or cold front will penetrate the Pacific Northwest with high winds and storms as it pushes eastward into the Great Basin and Rockies.

The planetary crossing over Kansas involves the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter at the time of the Full Moon. The Sun and Moon will be square Pluto at the time of Full Moon adding storm-breeding potential to the mix. When this is triggered between March 28-30, we can expect an important low pressure system to develop in the Plains and push toward the Mississippi Valley potentially creating severe weather conditions. More information about this was included in my original forecast for March 2008.

In that same forecast, I mentioned that the Northeast would be affected by storms between March 29-31. After studying the New Moon map for March, I believe indications in this chart will amplify the time period somewhat.

New Moon indications show that weather changes are underway for the Northeast as early as March 27th when a low pressure system infiltrates the region with perhaps blizzard conditions. I say this because today (March 8th) the Northeast is experiencing just that--blizzard conditions, and these are due to the Sun's conjunction to Uranus in the very New Moon map that took effect yesterday, and which will be triggered on March 27th.

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