Monday, October 27, 2008

November 2008 Forecasts

Nov 11-13
Jupiter’s sextile to Uranus brings cold but fair conditions to eastern Canada and New England, while the Sun’s square to Neptune at the time of the full moon will produce a major storm event over the Central U.S.
The Sun’s square to Neptune will pump a lot of moisture up over the Central Gulf States. A strong low pressure area will most likely affect the area in and around Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as it pushes into the East Central U.S.
Nov 25-27
The Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland will take a beating from the combined energies of the Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury parallel Mars, and Mars parallel Jupiter. Strong storms and high winds are slated to hit these areas now. A strong cold front will also plow through the Pacific Northwest at this time.
Roberto Rossellini, late Italian filmmaker, on learning: "I have an immense treasure: My ignorance. For me it is a great joy to overcome it. If I can get others to profit from what I acquire, I have twice as much joy. As long as I go on discovering new things, life will be beautiful, but it will be too short for everything I want to learn."

If you would not be forgotten,
As soon as you are dead & rotten,
Either WRITE things worth READING,
Or DO things worth the WRITING.

Henry J. Ellsworth, commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office, assured people that his resignation was really of no great concern, "Mankind," he declared, "has already achieved all of which it is capable. There would be no more inventions requiring patents." The year was 1844--before the steamboat, the telegraph cable under the ocean, the electric light, the telephone, & a host of other inventions that came along during the next half century.

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