Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Texas Rain and Other Forecast Results

Forecasters are wondering when rain will return to the Texas area. As of March 10, the U.S. Drought Monitor continued to show much of south-central Texas remaining in an extreme to exceptional drought. Severe drought conditions expanded through western and north-central
Texas, as well as southwestern Oklahoma.

As you may recall, on March 11th, Texas received some long-awaited rain on that day, which
helped to snap a prolonged dry spell for many cities. That rain came the day after the Full
Moon set up the planet Venus over Texas and the Plains.

One possibility is that between April 2nd and 4th, when the influence of Venus is again
triggered, the area may once again receive beneficial rains. Let's hope so.

Here are the results of The Weather Alternative forecast for March 17-19, 2009. The forecast stated that Mercury's opposition to Saturn would bring storms to the Front Range
followed by cooler temperatures.

The Weather Channel map at left for the 17th shows a cold front pushing south over the Front Range, Rockies, and Plains. The Weather Channel reported that shower activity would extend from Michigan and Ohio westward to eastern Nebraska and eastern Kansas with temperatures across the Central Plains dropping from the 70s and low 80s on the 17th to the
60s on the 18th.

Introduction to the Weather Alternative
How Long-Range Forecasts Are Made

Scientists “prove the power of prayer” By Aisling Irwin, Electronic Telegraph, November 1999

RESEARCHERS claim to have proved God's healing powers by showing that heart
patients who are being prayed for do better than those who are not.

The American study examined the fate of patients attending a coronary care unit in Kansas City, Missouri, over 12 months.

They were enrolled in the trial without their knowledge or that of their doctors. Volunteers from a prayer group, contacted by the hospital chaplain, prayed for those patients whose medical record carried an even number over four weeks.

The 470 patients who were prayed for did significantly better than the 520 who were
not, according to the study published in Archives of Internal Medicine. The scoring system
rated symptoms such as fever and whether patients had antibiotics.

Dr. William Harris, who led the research, claimed his work was as rigorous as many
drug trials. "If people are willing to accept the outcome of a drug study, they have to
accept this one too," he told New Scientist.


Anonymous said...

You have pretty much left Central and Southern Calif out of the mix all year..Are you familiar with the work of raymond wheeler and his cycle work?

The Weather Alternative said...

It's true, I haven't said anything about Central and Southern Calif. That's only because I have not been able to dedicate a good portion of time to studying the charts necessary to make these forecasts as I have in times past. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that.

I was not familiar with Raymond Wheeler's cycle work. I've just started to read up on it because of your post. Do you recommend any web sites? I'm looking at Cycles Research Institue.


Anonymous said...

Evelyn Browning Garris writes the Browning Letter..Iben Browning was her father and died in 1991..Also a book called "Water The Final Resource details wheelers work. Book writes are William Houston and Robin Griffiths. It is a wonderful book

The Weather Alternative said...

Thanks! I'll check them out.