Sunday, November 28, 2010

Northeast Storm Dec 3-5, 2010


Accuweather meteorologists are toying with the idea that a sizable snowstorm could develop over the Northeast U.S. this coming weekend. They are a bit hesitant to say it will happen as, for them, issuing a forecast for a week ahead is stretching their capabilities. They offer three possibilities: 1- A very big snowstorm will affect the Northeast. 2- Nothing will happen. 3- The storm will track too far east or west and will not bring snow or will just bring rain.

The planetary activity at this time involves the alignments of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as Mars and Uranus on December 3rd. Then on the 5th we have the conjuction of Mercury and Pluto and the station of Uranus. We find these planets congregating over the U.S. Northeast, New England, and Nova Scotia. There is also some activity off the coast of the Northeast.

To me that says that of the three possibilities mentioned by Accuweather, number 1 is very likely. I would discount number 2 and as for number 3, the possibility of the storm tracking further east is more likely than it tracking further west. So I would prepare to experience a good-sized storm over the Northeast and New England at this time.

Some of these same planetary alignments affect the western Atlantic in the tropics. I wonder if we'll even see a bit of out-of-season tropical activity or perhaps some kind of storm system approaching the Windward Islands then.

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