Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 20-23, 2011 Forecast Results

The Weather Alternative forecast for February 20-23, 2011, related how the triple conjunctions of Mercury, Mars, and Neptune would produce a strong low pressure system over the North American West Coast. The low pressure area would bring precipitation and windy conditions to British Colombia, the Pacific Northwest, California, Idaho, and Nevada, since Neptune occupied the 116th degree of west longitude. The forecast, posted on December 19, 2010, also mentioned that eastern Australia may be subject to heavy rain.
Feb 17
The forecast also pointed out that the storm system could actually get under way as early as the 17th due to other factors. The above Weather Channel map is for the 17th and shows the rain and snow beginning to enter California. The map below this one is for the 19th where we see a more full-fledged storm underway.
Feb 19
Other storm system entered the West Coast area on the 21st and 22nd.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported today that in the last 24 hours rainfall of up to 240mm has caused river rises in coastal rivers between Cooktown and Cardwell in northeastern Australia.

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