Sunday, March 13, 2011

Excerpts from Tidal Dynamics by Fergus J. Wood

There has been a lot of excellent discussion recently about the SuperMoon phenomenon and the recent Japan earthquake. Fergus J. Wood, a geophysical consultant published Tidal Dynamics: Coastal Flooding, and Cycles of Gravitational Force in 1978. His views might shed some light on these recent discussions. I've chosen a few excerpts that, if I understand them correctly, echo what Mark Paquette has expressed in his post Why I Think the Extreme SuperMoon May Have Played a Role in the Earthquake.






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Unknown said...

Iben Browning in his work detailed the atmospheric high and low tide..He called them atmospheric tidal forces and said they were a primary ingredient in weather and seismology. His daughter is still active in the field. Linda Browing Frasier and she writes a monthly newsletter called the Browning Letter.

Unknown said...

"Climate and the Affairs of Man"
Iben Browning.

The Weather Alternative said...

Very interesting, Bob. I like to get ahold of "Climate and the Affairs of Man."

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken
Tomaschek (1959 ) studied over 134 earthquakes but more in connection with Uranus. He found the planets Pluto, Uranus and Pluto at angles of charts at the times of EQ, as many astrologers do.
His conclusions were found thwarted due to his supposedly not understanding the relationship of angles between planets and the ecliptic path, but sadly I haven't had access to Tomaschek's full body of research to find out for myself where he may or not have deviated from what we do.
The problem for this kind of study of EQ and planetary effect, is it a multi disciplinary one, and until proper astrological expertise is consulted in the study of this correlation of the terrestrial and celestial then it is unlikely that any positive outcome will be derived from further study.
Scientists rarely understand the full body of astrological knowledge that guides astrologers into accurately predicting earthquakes and other events, and it takes us astrologers over 20 or more years to begin to command it successfully.
The reporting of the Supermoon recently proves how easily misinformation is spread around the globe and then used to ridicule astrologers. A few of us who predicted extreme seismicity for this phase leading up to and beyond a very seismic equinox, saw Uranus approaching conjunction with the Sun as well as a Supermoon, all combining with other factors to create a massive pull on the planet earth.
Although seimologists and experiments may not yet have found out the reason why this should have happened within their framework of references, at least astrologers have a means of saying when and where it will happen, as well as astrologically why.