Saturday, May 21, 2011

Neptune and Rockies Flood Potential

Conventional weather forecasters are concerned that the snowpack that has accumulated in the northern and central Rockies, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada due to a long-running winter with deep snowfall may mean downstream flooding for those areas when warmer conditions melt the snowpack. The light pink and white areas on the map below depict snow water content over 30 inches. Image appears courtesy of NOAA.
A great deal of the snowpack is still intact due to unseasonably cool conditions and with the combination of cool, wet weather, more snow continues to fall. Some meteorologists, however, are forecasting above-normal warmth through the Rockies during the month of June. A rapid thaw could lead to dangerous flooding.

According to astro-meteorology, which ventures long-range forecasts based on planetary cycles, the influence of the planet Neptune affects the western United States during the spring season as shown on the map below.

Some of the effects of Neptune on weather conditions due to its connection with southerly airflows according to the late George J. McCormack are thaws and snow slides in mountain areas. Times when this influence is activated should be when Neptune is aspected by other planets. Here are some approximate dates to watch for.
May 22nd- Sun square Neptune
June 3rd- Mercury square Neptune
June 8th- Jupiter sextile Neptune
June 10th- Venus square Neptune
June 16th- Mercury trine Neptune


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