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March 1-5, 2012 Forecast Results

We're now looking at the results of the next forecasts published in the Feb/Mar 2012 edition of The Mountain Astrologer. These forecasts were prepared 8 months ago.

March 2-5
As Mercury perfects its parallel to Uranus around March 2nd, a cold air mass will be pulled southward from northern Russia into China. The pattern continues until March 5th when Mercury conjoins Uranus over the longitude of Beijing. This, coupled with the Venus-Saturn opposition on the 4th, argues a big winter storm affecting the eastern portion of China south of Beijing.


This first map from the China Meteorological Administration is for a blizzard in northeast China on March 5th. This is further north than my forecast area.
China Mar 05 Blizzard
This next map is for March 6th and shows storms over the area pinpointed in the long-range forecast. The CMA stated, "From March 6 to 8, southern China will see continuous rainy weather. Heavy rain is likely to affect most parts of Zhejiang, eastern and southern Jiangxi, Fujian, most parts of Guangdong, and southeastern Hunan. Parts of western Fujian, southeastern Jiangxi, and northern Guangdong will be hit by blizzard."

China Mar 06

New England/Canada
March 1-5
The same period is earmarked to be very cold, windy, and stormy over New England and eastern Canada especially around the 3rd when the Sun opposes Mars. The bigger picture seems to include a winter storm that affects the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast first.

On the 1st, The Weather Channel reported that eastern New York and central and northern New England were blasted by 2 to 12 inches of snow. This same system affect Nova Scotia with heavy snow.
The Weather Channel map below is for March 3rd. The low pressure and front along the eastern U.S. was responsible for the severe tornado outbreak of the 2nd and 3rd. This storm system reached Canada by the 3rd and brought strong southeasterly winds with gusts up to 80 km/h and in some cases up to 120 km/h over Nova Scotia. Significant snowfall and windy conditions continued over southern Quebec and Newfoundland into the 6th when blizzard conditions were expected over Newfoundland.

Mar 03

Southern California/Front Range of Rockies
March 2-5
Other winter weather anomalies at this time are indicated over southern California and the Front Range of the Rockies.


The Accuweather map below is for March 2nd when strong winds buffeted southern California with wind gusts over 60 mph. Also between the 1st and the 2nd a strong winter storm hit the Intermountain West and pushed over the Front Range of the Rockies bringing snow form Colorado through Montana.

02 Southwest

March 1-5
The position of Uranus in the Solar Ingress affecting Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, will be activated by Mercury's parallel and conjunction bringing a cold, blustery air mass to the region. Around the 3rd, Ireland and Portugal should see a robust front or system affecting their weather due to the Sun's conjunction to Mars.


On the 3rd, very windy conditions were experienced over the North Sea and Balearics. Rain hit western parts of the U.K. with heavy showers and breezy conditions and northwestern parts of Iberia. It turned increasingly wintry in Northern Ireland.

On the 5th, very windy with gales across the eastern channel into the Low Countries. Strong gales too across the south of France. Colder with showers across Britain and northern France with rain into Belgium, Holland and western Germany with snow across Denmark. There was a risk of heavier snow across the Alps.

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