Thursday, April 12, 2012

Understanding the Warmth of Winter 2011-12 Part 2

On March 24th of this year, posted an article entitled "Amazing Stats from the March 2012 Heat Wave." The article points out how thousands of high temperature records were broken over the preceding couple of weeks from the High Plains to the East Coast and northward into Canada.

If we look back to see what was happening astrometeorologically a couple of weeks before we are not disappointed to find a very logical answer to this phenomena: the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on March 14th along with the trine of Venus to Mars, and the trine of Mars to Jupiter all on the same day.

10 March Warmth

Now, can we safely say that a Venus-Jupiter conjunction and the trines of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter have been known by previous experience to correspond with increasing temperatures? A quick look at G.J. McCormack's Astrotech Weather Guide provides the following information. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is conducive to a temperate atmosphere that favors out-of-door activities. The trine of Venus to Mars inclines to fair weather and higher ranges of temperature. And the trine of Mars to Jupiter is indicative of rising temperatures with dryness. So all in all, we have a strong previous track record of increasing temperatures with these three planets. What probably added to the impact was the fact that they all were in aspect to each other on the same day.

The astro-locality map shows the position of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the New Moon chart for that period. The conjunction and other aspects were affecting the central U.S. Weather patterns then usually travel eastward.

Venus Jupiter

This is another piece of the puzzle explaining the warmth experienced in the last half of March and this information will be taken into account when assessing the next few winters.

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