Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hurricane Season 2013 Part 1

Here are a few areas where tropical systems may strike in the near future. These long-range forecasts are based on planetary cycles.


July 4-11, 2013
The seven-day period from July 4-11, 2013 may bring some tropical activity due to planetary cycles involving the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus. The areas in and around Tampico, Mexico (99 west/22 north) and Acapulco, Mexico (99 west/16 north) are highlighted. There are indications that eastern Texas may also experience severe weather at this time, which may be of a tropical nature. The New England area also stands the chance of experiencing a severe weather pattern, perhaps a tropical system.

August 7-12, 2013
Around this time planetary cycles involving the opposition between Jupiter and Pluto, and the square between Mercury and Saturn are active. The Solar Eclipse of May 9, 2013 will also be triggered now. One of the areas where these influences concentrate is southern Mexico. Tropical moisture or an actual tropical system originating in either the Bay of Campeche or the Gulf of Tehuantepec will affect this southernmost portion of Mexico. Another possible scenario involves a tropical system that travels the length of the U.S. East Coast on its way to the Northeast and New England.

August 21-24, 2013
At this time we're dealing with the square between Jupiter and Uranus which are known for exciting high wind velocities. Sounds like a hurricane. Most of the key charts place this influence, once again, over the Northeast U.S. and New England. This could mean a tropical system or other type of severe weather that brings high velocity winds.

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