Monday, December 02, 2013

Severe Weather Alert: Western Australia Jan 7-10, 2014


The potential for a severe weather pattern, possibly a tropical cyclone, to hit the west coast of Australia between January 7-10, 2014 is indicated in long-range forecast models.  The models are based on the method utilized by Johannes Kepler, the 17th Century astronomer and discoverer of the planetary laws of motion. Kepler's observations led him to conclude that alignments among the planets of our solar system correlated with weather events on Earth.

Based on these studies, the alignment of the planets Mercury and Venus on January 8, 2014 and that of Mars and Jupiter on January 9 indicate a severe weather pattern will develop over the west coast of Western Australia. Traditionally, Venus has been observed to impregnate the atmosphere with moisture, thus increasing temperatures and humidity. When aligned with Mercury, warm winds blow resulting in the formation of low pressure systems. The Mars-Jupiter combination results in excessive heat that can result in the sudden formation of storm systems.

Taken together, an anomalous weather pattern will develop over the west coast of Western Australia at this time and push toward the east. Increasing temperatures and humidity will likely result in a low pressure system that affects the area. Since Australia is in its cyclone season, one possible scenario is that a tropical cyclone affects the forecast area. If not an actual cyclone, severe storms are likely. Stay tuned to your local weather providers at this time for more details.

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