Friday, February 21, 2014

South America, China, and Australia Forecast Results

In mid-December of last year, I posted some long-range weather forecasts for Christmas and New Year's in South America and China. I included the astro-locality map below to show why I felt that the area around Bolivia and Argentina might be in for some severe weather between Dec 29, 2013 and Jan 3, 2014. I also included Ecuador and Peru. The map shows that one of the key charts used in this type of weather forecasting showed a build up of planets over the region. I foresaw a stormy period or some unusual weather.

I found that Argentina was in the grips of an intense heat wave going into this period. The following Argentine weather map showed the areas affected by the heat wave between Dec 22nd and 31st.

On the 31st severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for the north and northwestern areas of the country citing the potential for strong to severe storms generating wind gusts, hail, lightning, and periods of intense rain. On January 2nd, another warning was issued for this same area due to an advancing cold front triggering strong to severe thunderstorms.

I found mention of a low pressure area over southern Bolivia on January 1st, and severe thunderstorm warnings for most of Peru on January 2nd as shown in the map below.

The website that I used to track weather predictions I had published a few years ago for China had changed and I was unable to verify the weather there.

In another December post, I had issued a forecast for a severe weather pattern or tropical cyclone to hit the west coast of Australia between Jan 7-10, 2014. At the most, a couple of low pressure areas affect the area at this time as the map below for Jan 7th shows. By the 9th, there were Strong Wind Warnings for the west coast area of Ningaloo, Gascoyne, and Geraldton.

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