Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus

The ancients Greeks and Romans knew of only five wandering stars or planets. These were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Following the discovery of a sixth planet in the 18th Century, the name Uranus was chosen as the logical addition to the series: for Mars (Greek Ares) was the son of Jupiter, Jupiter (Zeus) the son of Saturn, and Saturn (Cronus) the son of Uranus.

Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun, is about 21 times the size of Mars, and almost 3000 times as heavy! Although it is so much more massive, it is not as dense as Mars.

The fantastic stories handed down to us through Greek and Roman mythology may have actually happened although not as finally portrayed in those myths, which are obviously quite embellished. There may have been something genuine, however, in their origin though somewhat distorted and exaggerated. One confirmation comes from an unlikely source: the Bible.

The pre-flood world according to the Bible was quite a different one. A canopy of water surrounded the earth and atmosphere filtering out the sun’s deadly rays that help cause aging. In such a world atmospheric pressure was much greater resulting in people and plants that were much larger.

It’s not surprising that researchers have occasionally found insects and air bubbles trapped in amber, which is petrified tree sap. The air bubbles have been found to contain 50 percent more oxygen than the air we breath today. The benefits of increased air pressure are no mystery to scientists of today. Hyperbaric treatments that apply increased air pressure and greater amounts of oxygen are used in promoting faster healing in patients suffering from stroke, multiple sclerosis, and leprosy. The Dallas Cowboys even have a hyperbaric chamber because they've discovered the injured players heal twice as fast.

Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, is more than 7 times the size of Mars, and almost 135 times as heavy.

This increased air pressure and oxygen concentration explains how the 80-foot long brontosaurus could survive having nostrils the same size as a horse’s. It may very well be that pre-flood peoples were larger, stronger, and capable of some of the pretty far out exploits which have been handed down to us in even further embellished forms through mythology.

Regardless of what Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus may have done in the past, between the 28th and 30th of April, their planetary namesakes will align over the Rockies and Front Range. The alignments of Mars and Uranus are known for acute and energetic weather patterns. Those of Jupiter and Uranus bring intense cold fronts and high velocity winds.
Things may get under way as early as the 27th when the Moon triggers the configuration.

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