Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why the Southeast Drought?

As brought out in other posts, long-range weather forecasts are based on the planetary positions that occur at the times of the beginning of each season i.e. the equinoxes and solstices.

Each planet has been observed to govern a specific weather principle such as heat, moisture, cold, dryness etc.

The planet Mars has long been observed to coincide with intense heat waves and droughts with accompanying regional fire hazards.

Since the US Southeast has been experiencing drought conditions over the last few months we might expect that the influence of Mars is at work in that area of the country.

On May 22nd, Accuweather posted the map at right showing where drought and dry conditions were prevailing over the Southeast.

When compared with the Spring season's astro map (at left), we see the position of Mars on May 22nd falls exactly across the very area. (other planetary lines have been removed for ease of viewing)

Mars is on the move, however, and will be over the New England area by June 5th taking it's influence with it and being replaced by the planet Mercury (not shown).

Of course, drought conditions began much earlier than May, but these can be also traced to the influence of Mars over the eastern US in the astro map for the previous winter.

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