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July 28-Aug 1 and Other Forecast Results

During a Mars square Saturn period there is bound to be outstanding weather. This duo represents a clashing of contrary air masses and was the basis for a number of long-range weather forecasts posted on The Weather
back in April of this year.

The forecast read as folows:

July 28-Aug 1, 2007
A low pressure system that may be tropical in nature forms off the Carolina coasts and heads towards the Long Island/Connecticut area. The area from New York City through New England shows the potential for storms of a severe nature and high velocity winds. A tropical system cannot be ruled out at this time.

The Plains will be dealing with its own severe weather as high heat unleashes dangerous storms over Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. A similar scenario develops over Alabama, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

The above Accuweather map shows the low off the Carolinas and the storms over the Alabama-Georgia and surrounding areas. On the 30th, Goose Creek, S.C., was slammed by 3.90 inches of rain in only 1 hour. Flood waters in downtown Charleston, S.C., were as high as 3 feet over roadways. Florida and Georgia had very heavy rain as well. Tallahassee, Fla., received 3.24 inches in only 1 hour during the afternoon, while the Isle Of Hope, Georgia, had 2.5 inches in 1.5 hours.

Accuweather reported on the 31st that "an area of disturbed weather lies off the Southeast coast. A low pressure is developing in this region and will move off to the northeast tonight and tomorrow."

Another low did form further east and become Tropical Storm Chantal. Chantal headed north-northeast toward Newfoundland.

As far as the severe weather that did hit the Northeast and New England, on the 28th, heavy thunderstorms brought 3.50 inches of rain to Westfield, Mass. Other storms brought gusty winds. On the 29th, Falmouth, Mass.: 2.61 inches Lancaster, Pa.: 2.09 inches.

Accuweather warned that some of the storms would be heavy, locally severe, bringing heavy downpours, gusty winds and localized flooding.

The Weather Alternative long-range forcast also called for dangerous storms over Nebraska,Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

On the 29th, Accuweather reported "Meanwhile, the Midwest Regional News discusses both the chance for more heavy thunderstorms in Nebraska and Kansas and the arrival of blazing summer heat across the northern Plains and the Midwest by Monday and Tuesday."

On the 30th, "Some areas of Nebraska and Kansas over the weekend received nearly 8 inches of rain. Aurora, Neb., was inundated by 7.12 inches, while Grand Island, Neb., reported 5.07 inches of rain in 24 hours ending Sunday morning.

The 4.23 inches that fell in Grand Island between midnight and 11 a.m. CDT on Sunday shattered the daily record of 2.48 inches set in 1968 and ranks as the second highest July daily rainfall on record, behind the 4.65 inches received on July 8, 1950."

In a forecast posted on July 20th, The Weather Alternative forecast the following due to Venus' retrograde station:

July 27-31, 2007
During this period, the potential for tropical storm formation is high in the waters just east of the Lesser Antilles (around 59W/12N) and continuing eastward from there to the waters north of French Guiana (around 52W/10N). Another area that bears watching in this regard is in the western Atlantic around 52 West, 28 North.

Of the areas mentioned, the ones just east of the Lesser Antilles and north of French Guiana are seeing tropical activity that may yet develop into a tropical system. Accuweather reported the following on the 31st:

The other area of interest is about 700 miles east of the Windward Islands. This tropical wave has with it a mass of showers and thunderstorms and what appears to be some cyclonic turning, which would indicate that there may be an associated surface low pressure... At the very least, this system will bring widespread showers and thunderstorms along with some gusty winds and rough surf over the Lesser Antilles.

Coming soon--September Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook.

August 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

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