Friday, July 20, 2007

Venus Retrograde, South America, and the western Atlantic

Venus will begin its apparent retrograde motion on July 27th. As brought out in a previous post about Mercury retrograde, a chart set for the time a planet begins its retrograde or direct motion is instrumental in pinpointing where on earth that planet will manifest its effect on the weather. (See also How Long-range Forecasts are Made)

Venus is associated with warmer temperatures, humid air, and a lower barometer. The Venus Rx Midheaven highlights longitude 52 West. This runs through the center of Brazil and, along the northeast coast of South America, through French Guiana. Besides looking to these places for an increase in temperatures and mositure leading to precipitation, Venus also affects the western Atlantic.

July 27-31, 2007

During this period, the potential for tropical storm formation is high in the waters just east of the Lesser Antilles (around 59W/12N) and continuing eastward from there to the waters north of French Guiana (around 52W/10N). Another area that bears watching in this regard is in the western Atlantic around 52 West, 28 North.

July 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

August 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

Is there one compliment a woman appreciates above all others? I was conducting a seminar for women, & at the end I asked them to give me some input on the appreciation a woman most appreciates. When the returns were in, I had from them the number one compliment. By a whopping majority this led all the rest: "You just go on getting better all the time."
Now why would a woman like to be told that above all the other nice things she could be told?
Since I'm not a woman, I decided to ask some women who always level with me. My wife says, "A woman's world is filled with input on keeping youthful. You know, `Don't let yourself get seedy.' These gnawing little worries go into your subconscious till you fear that you might be losing ground. So it gives you a lift when someone assures you that isn't true."
Here's the word of my secretary: "I find what pleases my husband now is different than it was when we were first married. People change. I guess that's why if he tells me I'm getting better, it gives me confidence for the future. Anyway, I sure like it."
So there it is, the "compliment of compliments". Once more, loud & clear: "You just go on getting better all the time!"

By Charlie Shedd

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