Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kiko and the West Coast

On September 22nd, The Weather Alternative posted the following forecast for October 18-22, 2007.

Oct 18-20
Around this time tropical storm formation is possible in the eastern Pacific near 119 West, 21 North (about 620 miles west southwest of Cabo San Lucas). In addition, a front pushes in to the Pacific Northwest perhaps due to a low-pressure system off the California-Oregon coast.

Although Tropical Storm Kiko formed at this time, it began as tropical depression 15-E at 108 West, 14 North much to far away from 119 West, 21 North to consider it as a fulfillment of the forecast.

On the other hand, the Pacific Northwest was hit by a number of low-pressure systems as shown in the two Accuweather Maps for the 18th and 19th.

Accuweather October 18th
A major Pacific storm over the Northwest will bring heavy rain and strong winds to much of the region today. Coastal areas from Washington to northern California will get the worst of the storm as winds gusting in excess of 40 mph and heavy rain create a miserable day. A wintry mix will fall in the Washington Cascades, while showers will dampen the northern Rockies.

Accuweathe October 19th
Another storm will hit the Northwest Friday, dumping wet weather from the coast to Montana. During daytime, the northern California coast will be the hardest-hit by heavy rain. Elsewhere, gusty winds will impact Idaho and western Montana.

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