Monday, December 03, 2007

More December 2007 Forecasts

The 20th Century's most renowned astrometeorologist, G.J. McCormack, said "It has been demonstrated by exhaustive observations and voluminous statistical data that transits of superior planets to the conjunction, opposition, or 90 degree angles to the degree of eclipse points are the true indicators and timing factors of effects.

December 10-13, 2007

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of December 11th will square the March 18th, 2007 solar eclipse degree. At the time of the eclipse, the Sun and Moon descended off the U.S. West Coast along 129 west longitude. This should generate a strong storm system that hits the West Coast.

December 22-26, 2007

The First Quarter Moon chart promises severe weather over northern Texas around the 22nd and 23rd as Venus squares Neptune. Both of these planets activate a southerly wind flow and a falling barometer. Under the square aspect precipitation is usually heavy.

The arrival of winter on the 22nd places a strong grouping of planets over the Mississippi Valley, which will be activated over the following days.

The Mercury opposition Mars aspect on the 22nd kicks off this segment and brings whipping winds. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the same day and the Sun-Mars opposition on the 24th are warm and dry influences, which may interact with a contrary air mass to trigger storms. The period ends with Mars opposition Jupiter on the 26th which is also a storm breeder.

December 31, 2007 - January 2, 2008

Rising temperatures are shown for the Mississippi Valley, which result in storm potential over the area.

Some December, 2007 Long-range Forecasts

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That quote appears in my copy of G. J. McCormack's "Astro Tech Weather Guide." He attributes the quote to Babbitt.

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