Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Recent Midwest Blizzard

On December 22nd and 23rd, blizzard conditions affected parts of the Plains and Upper Midwest. The Weather Alternative long-range forecast for December 22-26, 2007 pinpointed the area from northern Texas to the Mississippi Valley for severe weather, heavy precipitation, and whipping winds.

The long-range forecast, issued on December 3rd, read as follows:


December 22-26, 2007
The First Quarter Moon chart promises severe weather over northern Texas around the 22nd and 23rd as Venus squares Neptune. Both of these planets activate a southerly wind flow and a falling barometer. Under the square aspect precipitation is usually heavy.


The Accuweather graphic for December 22nd above shows a low-pressure system over northern Texas. The Weather Channel reported Gusty winds and a swath of snow from northern New Mexico to northwest Texas will streak out into Kansas to western and northern Missouri and into the Midwest during the afternoon and evening.


December 22-26, 2007

The arrival of winter on the 22nd places a strong grouping of planets over the Mississippi Valley, which will be activated over the following days.
The Mercury opposition Mars aspect on the 22nd kicks off this segment and brings whipping winds. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the same day and the Sun-Mars opposition on the 24th are warm and dry influences, which may interact with a contrary air mass to trigger storms. The period ends with Mars opposition Jupiter on the 26th which is also a storm breeder.


The Accuweather graphic for December 23rd at left shows whipping winds over the Mississippi Valley area behind the storm system that brought blizzard conditions to Oklahoma, Kansas, and portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The forecast also mentioned storms over the Mississippi Valley on the 26th, which are shown in the Accuweather map at left. The storms, according to Accuwether covered East Texas, Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Alabama.

Another disturbance on the 26th also brought more snow to Michigan and Wisconsin.

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