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December 2008 Forecasts

The following long-range weather forecasts area based on indications in the seasonal Solar Ingress maps for the fall and winter seasons.

Dec 4-6
Saturn has established residency over the Northeast and New England areas for the fall season. This, coupled along with the Sun-Mars conjunction at the time of the First Quarter Moon promises a major storm system over the aforementioned area of the country. Mercury’s square to Uranus will add cold, and windy conditions to the mix.

Dec 10-13
More cold, and stormy conditions are indicated for the New England area as the Sun and Mars square Uranus, which now occupies the 68th degree of west longitude over Maine and eastern Canada. The Mars-Uranus square is particularly turbulent as it is known for exciting acute and energetic storm systems. The Full Moon on the 13th also squares Saturn, another cold and tempestuous influence. Saturn is over the 66th degree of west longitude through Nova Scotia.

In direct contrast to the cold and stormy conditions over the eastern United States, the Venus-Jupiter parallel affecting the West Coast and Great Basin areas, should bring seasonally warm temperatures to the western U.S.

Dec 15-17
The eastern Plains and Mississippi River Valley will warm under the rays of Mars and Neptune as southerly winds prevail. During cold months, this combination brings thaws and fog.

Winter should be brutally cold over the nation’s midsection due to the presence of Saturn and Uranus in the seasonal map.

Dec 23-26
Mercury’s sextile and trine to Uranus and Saturn, which are paired up over the Great Plains, will bring abruptly falling temperatures courtesy of a northwest wind. At the same time, Mars runs along the length of the East Coast as it aspects Mercury. This duo is known for exciting sudden bursts of whipping winds. This may materialize as the result of a low pressure area or front pushing eastward toward the coast.

Dec 27-30
A strong cold front presses toward the East Coast and moves offshore. Nova Scotia, most likely, will wrestle with stormy conditions.

Dec 31-Jan 02, 2009
The Old Year goes out with Saturn’s retrograde station. This will directly affect the Northern Plains southward through Texas. Saturn’s role as the author of cold and damp conditions will now be felt as a cold Canadian air mass descends southward. If enough moisture is in place, precipitation will result.

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Introduction to the Weather Alternative

How Long-Range Forecasts Are Made

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