Thursday, November 06, 2008

Plains Blizzard Fulfills Long-range Prediction

The blizzard conditions currently affecting the Plains are a fulfillment of The Weather Alternative's long-range prediction for Nov 4-7, 2008. The forecast was posted on Sept 23rd, 2008. The forecast called for a powerful storm-producing cold front over the Plains that would affect the Mississippi Valley.

Orthodox meteorologists are commenting today that blizzard conditions are affecting the Dakotas with more than 3 feet of snow over the Black Hills of South Dakota. Winds over 60 mph are creating whiteout conditions, closing highways, and knocking out power in the Dakotas and Nebraska. Strong storms hit Oklahoma on Wednesday and were expected to erupt in the lower Mississippi Valley today bringing heavy rain and wind.

The astrometeorological influence of Saturn's opposition to Uranus on Nov 4th is one of the key factors in the storm scenario.

Conventional meteorologists are just now eying a new winter storm that should emerge into the southern Plains on Monday (Nov 10th). This may fulfill another long-range prediction posted on The Weather Alternative on Oct 27, 2008. The forecast calls for a strong low pressure area that will most likely affect the area in and around Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as it pushes into the East Central U.S. between Nov 11-13, 2008.

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