Thursday, January 01, 2009

December 27-30, 2008 Forecast Results

The Weather Alternative's long-range forecast for December 27-30, 2008 warned of a strong cold front that would press toward the East Coast and move offshore. Nova Scotia would most likely wrestle with stormy conditions.

The Weather Channel map at left is for December 28th shows the front overtaking the East Coast and a strong low pressure system over Canada. The front brought showery weather and gusty winds of 40 the 50 mph.

The next Weather Channel map is for December 30th and shows a low pressure system over Maine headed for the Nova Scotia area.

Introduction to the Weather Alternative

How Long-Range Forecasts Are Made

Happy New Year

Author Jane Johnson Struck in an article entitled How Subtracting From Your Life Can Add To It decided to take the opposite approach to New Year's resolutions by determining to delete certain things from her life instead of adding new goals to her life.

She decided to fast from worry, fast food, certain negative forms of mass media, criticism, and noise overload.

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