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The Saturn-Uranus Opposition and Winter 2008-09

This winter the Saturn-Uranus opposition will be one of the dominating influences on U.S. weather patterns according to astro-meteorology. These planets have been observed to correlate with cold weather. Saturn’s influence is cold and damp while Uranus tends toward cold and dry conditions. The opposition aspect disrupts atmospheric conditions by generating low pressure areas or strong fronts that upset the meteorological status quo.

In assessing weather patterns it is important to observe planetary placements in a number of key charts such as the Cardinal Solar Ingress chart for the season in question as well as in key lunation charts such as the New Moon, Full Moon etc. Eclipse charts add further details to the forecast when they are activated.

Due to time constraints, the following forecast is only based on the Cardinal Solar Ingress chart for the winter season. This is one of the most reliable charts in astro-meteorology, but once again, does not represent the complete astro-meteorological picture.

These long-range forecasts focus on the weather patterns resulting from the activation of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. In the Cardinal Solar Ingress chart, Saturn and Uranus are angular over the Plains, and will affect that area throughout the winter season.


Jan 9-11, 2009

The Sun’s sextile to Uranus and trine to Saturn will bring a shot of cold air through the Plains heading southward.

Jan 22-24, 2009

Venus conjoins Uranus on the 22nd and opposes Saturn on the 24th. These aspects bring cold, and rainy or snowy weather. Mars also aspects Uranus and Saturn adding windy or breezy conditions.

Feb 4-6, 2009

A major cold front or low pressure system should hit the Plains bringing shivering temperatures and snow. The Mississippi Valley will share in the stormy weather as cold and unsettled conditions push toward the East Coast.

Feb 24-26, 2009

Cold and windy conditions are expected resulting in storms.

Feb 28-March 2, 2009

May be a period of windy and cold weather.

March 8-12, 2009

Cold air spills into the Rockies and Plains on the 8th triggering precipitation due to the Sun‘s opposition to Saturn. By the 12th, another shot of freezing temperatures is on its way over the Plains.

March 17-19, 2009

More storms are indicated over the Front Range and Plains as Mercury opposes Saturn. Precipitation followed by cooler temperatures.

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How Long-Range Forecasts Are Made

The Story of Mrs. Chang

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