Sunday, February 15, 2009

Major Storms for February and March?

Accuweather's Joe Bastardi views current weather patterns as being similar to those of February and March 1969 and 1993. In the 1993 example, Philadelphia recieved 6 inches of snow up to February 20th and then a whopping 18 inches of snow afterwards. March of 1993 brought a superstorm.

Although Joe can't guarantee a major storm, he would be surprised if there were not one or two on the eastern seaboard over the next three weeks. These storms, he says, can start on the West Coast, push out into the Plains and then intensify over the eastern seaboard, or in some cases get pushed down to the Gulf Coast.

What does Kepler's astro-meteorological method show? Well, I haven't looked at the next few weeks in detail but the period of March 8-12 looks like it has the potential to be quite stormy.

I've already mentioned the period in my January 6th post. Here's a bit more information. On March 8th, Mars will opposes Neptune exactly along the Pacific Northwest Coast. At the same time the Sun opposes Saturn over the Front Range of the Rockies and Plains.

This indicates that there is strong potential for a storm system to hit the West Coast at this time and push eastward towards the Rockies and eject out into the Plains as a strong winter storm. These storms usually continue eastward. The astro-locality map above shows the planetary alignments circled.

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