Monday, June 15, 2009

Solar Eclipse and Texas Heat

The recent Weather Alternative long-range forecast for June 12-15 called for severe storms over the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware area. This was based on Mars' triggering of the August 1, 2008 solar eclipse degree.

The Accuweather map at left for June 12th shows a low pressure system hitting the forecast area. Accuweather meteorologists stated that on the 11th "Areas of drenching rain and thunderstorms will plague the Northeast into tonight. Spotty afternoon and evening thunderstorms may follow both days of the weekend."
"A storm tracking from the Midwest to northern New England into tonight will deliver drenching rain and locally strong thunderstorms. The steadiest and heaviest rain will focus from northwestern Pennsylvania, north and west to the eastern Great Lakes and interior New England."

Drenching rain then continued into New England on the 12th.

Texas has been experiencing some very high temperatures over the last few days--just about the time that Mars triggered the aforementioned solar eclipse. Yuzuru, a Weather Alternative reader was wondering if maybe Mars and the solar eclipse were responsible for the heat in Texas.

I think the two places are too far removed to say that the Texas heat is also a reaction to the solar eclipse that fell over the Northeast U.S. I'm inclined to believe that the New Moon chart of May 24th, which placed the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the Midheaven through Dallas and eastern Texas is probably responsible for the heat wave there. Both Jupiter and Neptune are equated with rising temperatures and at the time the heat wave started transit Mars formed contraparallels with both Jupiter and Neptune.

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