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December 2010 Nor'easter Forecast

Nor-easter Time

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December 18-20, 2010

The Northeast U.S. and New England are highlighted at this time for an onslaught of severe weather which may very likely be a Nor'easter. Mercury is retrograde now, which has been known to increase wind velocities when in conjunction with the Sun. Mercury's conjunction with the Sun takes place on the 19th but the day before and after, the Sun and Mercury will aspect Uranus. Taken all together stormy and windy conditions are a strong possibility for this area of the country.

December 29 2010- January 1, 2011

Weather conditions over the New England area may put on quite a display as the New Year is ushered in. The approaching Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and Mars' square to Saturn spell severe weather for the New England area. This could manifest as a Nor'easter. Other indications suggest the storm begins to form over the Northern Plains and makes its way across the Great Lakes/Midwest area and strengthens over New England.

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