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Overview of UK Winter 2012-13

In a recent post we looked at an overview of the next three winters (2011-2013) in the U.S.

The conclusion was that due to the placement of the cold influence of Uranus over the eastern U.S., and the upcoming Uranus-Pluto alignment, the next 3 winters in the U.S. would bring similar weather to what we're experiencing during this present winter.

What will the next three winters be like for the UK and Europe? I've invited UK astro-meteorologist Tricia George to give her comments on the planetary influences operating during the winter of 2012-13.

Tricia will be commenting on the astro map below, which shows the planetary positions that will be operating during the winter of 2012-13. One thing that I'd like to point out right away is that, just like in the U.S. map for winter 2012-13, Uranus is present. Here we find its influence through Germany, Austria, and Italy signifying a cold and stormy winter for Europe. Now on to Tricia and her analysis of UK weather and elsewhere.
Winter Ingress 2012

(Tricia) Winter 2012/2013 promises some sunny but breezy weeks with clear skies, but this weather will be interrupted by intermittent spells of freezing fogs, prolonged periods of drizzly rain and sleet showers, and more protracted periods of mists and clouds than is usual for our UK winter season.

Mercury's Influence
Looking at the map of planetary positions Mercury augurs well from the outset for the blue sky outlook over Ireland and western parts of Great Britain, combining with winds which may result in gale force blizzard type predominantly North Westerly activity due to the crossing with Mars to the NW of Scotland.

Venus' Influence
Venus close on the heel of these winds promises snow. Snow, frost and icy weather will have already arrived by October 2012, and more snowfall is heralded for December-February especially for southern regions of the UK with the position of Venus so close to our part of the world and featuring strongly near the mc/ic axis of the solstice chart. Venus crosses Mars off the NW coast of Scotland and these two are always the chief suspects in regard to snowy weather, sleet and blizzards, so I expect this configuration off the NW coast of Scotland to be sending in some snow blizzards.

Saturn's Influence
Saturn is moving in our direction also and in Scorpio it does not bode well for drains, boggy land and underground watering places which will be assaulted by the stormy conditions and flooding he is promising to bring our way over the winter period before March 2013.

Neptune's Influence
Taking a look at the Neptune influence on the chart it does look like some murky conditions are affecting a huge swathe of the SE sector of England from December if you watch the line Neptune forms from Budleigh Salterton up to Berwick upon Tweed in the NE of England. This looks likely to be outbursts of mists and freezing fog near the solstice, especially around low lying areas near rivers and lakes particularly and it does look to be affecting major airports! Such conditions will appear again over the ensuing winter months.

Saturn in Scorpio figures in many of the historical flood charts I have been looking at over the years, so it is set to bring some pretty murky conditions our way for the whole of this space!

Looking further afield across to Asia the weather looks extremely revolutionary over Tibet where Uranus meets Mars in what looks to be an especially headline making if not seismic clash of energy.
I expect a large earthquake to make the news headlines after second week of November. The first eclipse in November 2012 is in Scorpio with Saturn so by the 22nd January we can expect some major seismic event when triggered by Mars.

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Jacob said...

No. Just no. The positions the planets are in have never had any influence on our weather, and they never will. The weather of 2013 is too hard to predict now.

The Weather Alternative said...

Well, Jacob, don't be so sure. That's what we're trying to show here on this blog. We make predictions based on planetary cycles and then post the results of those forecasts.

I've already started to post the results of long-range forecasts for the winter of 2011-12. These were prepared about 6 months ago. Check out this link for the latest results:

Josh (Dr Denon) from UK said...

I agree with 'Jacob', although I do believe that the weather of 2013 can broadly be predicted(not precisely though).
Planet alignment effects the earth's core, tectonic plates, which leads to catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions... but does not influence the weather (as Jacob said...although volcanic eruptions do have a very insignificant affect on the weather).
You know about historical trends e.t.c, they do help us predict the future weather, but we cannot entirely rely on them.
I predict that this winter coming (UK) will be very cold and dry (by dry I mean a lot of precipitation in the form of snow).

The Weather Alternative said...

Ah, Dr. Denon. I suggest you take a look at the forecasts made on this blog and check them with the results that are also posted on this blog. I think you'll find that there is some truth to planetary influence on weather. That's why people like Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton worked with forecasts based on planetary configurations.

Anonymous said...

Pure & utter guess work this is, to predict weather so far in advance is beyond human capabilities and always will be, no matter how much science evolves. We struggle to predict it a week in advance let alone whole seasons worth. Our own weather fate in the Northern hemisphere lies with the Jet Stream. Yes you can maybe add a few links from last years Planet alignment forecast "hey look, we got 80% of our predictions right" Here is my prediction from my imagination, it will be cold for easten U.K for most of Feb & March, wet & windy for Western parts. with average precipitation for all. Hows about that, i wonder if my GUESS work based on my imagination comes to 80% ....

The Weather Alternative said...

Fortunately, using the plantery method for forecasting weather, which is based on Johannes Kepler's work, is anything but guess work. So, that comment is just your opinion. The method is explained and presented on this blog. Take some time to read and understand the method.

To say that long-range weather forecasting is beyond human capabilities and always will be no matter how much science evolves is itself a forecast made on pure and utter guess work. Check out this website about bad predicitions. The website opens with the warning that it's generally a bad idea to say something can't or won't be done, especially in the realm of science or technology.