Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tropical Storm Nate Fulfills Long-range Weather Forecast!

Tropical Storm Nate formed in the Gulf of Mexico on September 7, 2011. It's center was located near 92 west longitude and 20 north latitude effectively fulfilling my long-range forecast that was prepared in February of 2011 and published in the August Dell Horoscope magazine edition. The forecast was also posted here on this blog on August 22nd.
10 TS Nate

The forecast called for a tropical system to form around 95 west longitude and 22 north latitude between September 7-10. My hope was for the tropical system to provide rain for drought-stricken Texas, which neither Tropical Storm Lee (another tropical system that fulfills a prediction in the same August 22nd post) nor Tropical Storm Nate have done. In the post, I discussed the possibility that these systems could affect Mexico instead. Lee hit Louisiana and Nate will make landfall in Mexico.

Despite some of the imperfections of each forecast, the fact that the areas and dates of origin of both these tropical systems have been forecast days (in the case of Lee) and months (in the case of Nate) in advance by no other guidance than planetary cycles, is a strong indication that there is a connection between earthly weather systems and planetary alignments that should be investigated further. More examples are provided in the links below.


Bob said...

Shortly after leaving Ur of the Chaldea, Abram was charting the sky to determine where to settle his people and G_D ask him why he was not dependent on him? The ancients were known to use astroharmonic in weather prediction. I read this in a an old Hebrew history book at the library. The series of books are no longer in the Library and it has been years so the title escapes me.

The Weather Alternative said...

Hi, Bob!

I had read something similar. I think it was from Josephus, the Jewish historian. His take was that the reason Abraham left Ur was because the Chaldeans worshipped the planets as gods, but Abraham disagreed and thought the planets were just tools of the one, true God. Because of this falling out, Abraham left.