Thursday, October 06, 2011

Winter 2011-12

Accuweather has published its overview of winter 2011-12. The map below shows the weather highlights for the season.
Winter 2011-12
On January 24th of this year, I posted an overview of the winters of 2011-14 based on astrometeorology. It's interesting to see that the comments I made regarding the eastern United States for the next winter and the two beyond match up with the cold and stormy conditions Accuweather is showing for that same area of the country.
Accuweathe expects the Midwest and Great Lakes to be dealt the worst of winter this year. If you refer to the map for the winter season in my Winters of 2011-14 post, you'll see the Uranus/Pluto lines passing through 83 west longitude. Geographically, this passes through Michigan, Ohio, and the central and eastern Great Lakes.
Specific forecasts for the winter of 2011-12 for the United States, Europe, and China will be published in an article I have written for The Mountain Astrologer. The article will appear in their February 2012 edition, which will be available in January of next year.

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