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Ireland Weather June 5-10, 2013

A number of planetary cycles culminate between the 5th and 10th of June and promise a severe weather pattern for Ireland. These cycles include 1) Neptune's retrograde station, 2) Mars' square to Neptune, 3)Mercury's opposition to Pluto, and 4) Mars' activation of the most recent lunar eclipse of May 24th. The astro-locality map below shows how a number of planetary positions affect the Emerald Isle.


Let's see how each of these cycles has operated in the recent past to get an idea of what might happen to weather conditions over Ireland and the surrounding area.

1- Neptune's Retrograde Station
Last year, Neptune's station took place on June 4th over 101 west longitude which runs through the U.S. Plains states and Texas. By the 6th, meteorologists were warning of severe weather to break out of the eastern Rockies and the Plains bringing large hail and wind damage. The High Plains took a pounding from multiple rounds of severe thunderstorms. A repeat performance was offered on the 7th and 8th with torrential downpours, large hail, and locally damaging wind gusts.

2- The Mars-Neptune Square
The combination of Mars and Neptune usually result in freak weather changes due to rising temperatures, increasing humidity, and low pressure areas. Last year, the Mars-Neptune square of October 7, 2012 was placed along 71 west longitude passing through New England and the Bahamas. At that time, an upper level disturbance and a developing storm offshore brought rain to the eastern Mid-Atlantic through New England. A tropical cyclone attempted to form near the Bahamas as well.

3- The Mercury-Pluto Opposition
The last Mercury-Pluto opposition was on June 12, 2012. The Full Moon chart placed the two planets over the U.S. Northeast. On the 12th, drenching downpours shifted into the Northeast due to a surge of tropical moisture creating urban and small stream flooding.

4- Mars Activating Lunar Eclipse
The lunar eclipse of June 15, 2011 was activated by the opposition of Mars on July 25 of the same year. The eclipse was overhead at 123 west longitude which runs along the U.S. Pacific Northwest coast. At that time, an upper level low brought showers and storms to the Northwest.

A number of these planetary alignments brought some impressive weather conditions. The potential seems to be there for a similar response over Ireland and surrounding areas.

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Brilliant analysis Ken and accurate outcome for the high arriving over Ireland and of course bathing England in some gorgeous weather for over a week from 31st May to 11th June for many of us, though the SW part of the UK has rain already....but we up in the north are still looking at some good conditions till 12th.
keep up the good work