Saturday, April 20, 2013

Revisiting the Mars-Saturn Conjunction of August 2012

In July of 2012, I posted a number of forecasts regarding the Mars-Saturn conjunction of August 15, 2012. I then posted the results of the initial forecast to see how it came out. In that first forecast, I also included upcoming dates when the conjunction would be triggered. As I look back at these now, I see that the triggers to the conjunction passed without much fanfare with regards to the weather. I noticed that all of the planets triggering Mars-Saturn were from the faster moving inner planets. It's a different story when the outer planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) trigger these conjunctions. I've posted about these outer planet triggers before regarding Typhoon Ma-On that hit Japan in July of 2011.

When we look at what happened when Mars triggered the conjunction degree later on, things are quite different. For example, On December 19, 2012, Mars squared this degree. As you recall, the Mars-Saturn conjunction affected the Plains running through 100 west longitude. US

On the 19th, a powerful winter storm gathered strength over Wyoming and Colorado and spread blizzard conditions across the Plains and the Midwest delivering snow and gusty winds. The map below is for the 20th as it moves eastward.

Dec 20

Just recently, Mars triggered the conjunction again, along with the Sun as they both opposed the Mars-Saturn conjunction degree. On the 13th, winter storm Xerxes (as it's called by the Weather Channel) brought heavy snow to the northern Plains states. Then another band of significant precipitation reached Wyoming and Colorado leaving about 6 inches of snow across the higher elevations of the latter. Gusty winds hit the area as well. By the 16th, the winter storm, now dubbed "Yogi," was now affecting Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas with 1 to 12 inches of snow. The storm even dipped down into Oklahoma and West Texas. Damaging wind gusts, large hail, and tornadoes were also part of its legacy.

In upcoming posts we'll work with this method and see how these outer planet triggers will affect the Uranus-Pluto square that will form this May.

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