Friday, August 30, 2013

Potential Hurricane Strike: Sept 19-22, 2013

An interesting pair of planetary alignments takes place on September 19th and 20th. We have a Mercury-Jupiter square on the 19th while Pluto will make its direct station on the 20th. A number of important charts show these two celestial events interacting geographically over the same area.

Adverse aspects involving Mercury can be indicative of increased wind velocities, and Pluto's direct station has been seen to coincide with clashing atmospheric conditions. This may be interpreted as a potential tropical system since we are in hurricane season. At the same time, it could result in some other form of severe weather over the area we will discuss.

The First Quarter Moon of September 12th sets the stage by creating a crossing of planetary lines around 63 west longitude and 33 north latitude in the western Atlantic. This lies about 800 miles south of Nova Scotia as shown in the astro-locality map below.

FQ Sept

This will be triggered around the 18th and 19th and could indicate a storm center there. Then, at the time that Mercury squares Jupiter, and Pluto turns direct in motion, the Solar Ingress map for the summer season shows Mercury and Pluto interacting together over Nova Scotia as seen in the map below.

Mercury Pluto

This implies that the possible storm system shown in the First Quarter map will be drawn farther northward toward the Nova Scotia coast. The Full Moon chart of September 19th also places Pluto over area of Nova Scotia and eastern Maine. The Moon also will make hard aspects to Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto on the 20th. The Moon's action serves to intensify weather systems and to localize them over the area in question. The New Moon chart of September 5th also adds to this by having the Sun and Moon angular over New England at the time of Full Moon.

From these charts it appears that a tropical system could affect the New England and Nova Scotia areas at this time or at least bring some type of severe weather such as severe thunderstorms.

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