Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nor'easter: Close Fulfillment of Long-range Prediction

In my May 20, 2014, post entitled East Coast Hurricane? September 2014, I listed September 20-23 of this year as a period when the East Coast U.S. could experience a tropical system or severe weather activity. The forecast read:

Sept 20-23
There are 3 planetary alignments working together now. Venus parallels Uranus, Mars squares Neptune, and Pluto makes its direct station. A number of key charts localizes these planetary pairs over the East Coast. What makes it more interesting is that Saturn will oppose the Solar Eclipse degree of May 9, 2013. This places Neptune over the East Coast as Mars makes its square.

AccuWeather headlines warn Nor'easter to Soak DC to NYC, Lash East Coast With Wind and Flooding. They further explain that on Wednesday, the 24th, the highest risk for coastal flooding extends North Carolina to southeastern Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula. Then on Thursday, the 25th, the risk includes New Jersey and the New York City area. Generally, 1 to 2 inches of rain are expected from eastern North Carolina through southern New England with 4 inches occurring locally along with 35 to 45 mph wind gusts. This closely fulfills the above forecast posted over 4 months ago. The AccuWeather map below gives an idea.

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