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October 11, 2014 Western Weather Woes

From time to time we've looked at the effects of the Mars-Saturn conjunction on the weather. We've seen how some of the most energetic weather patterns come on the heels of Mars-Saturn conjunctions. Windy, destructive storms attend the conjunction and other hard aspects such as the square, opposition, and parallel. I’ve also shown how when these conjunctions are later triggered by the outer planets (Mars through Pluto), severe weather patterns ensue over the same areas initially affected by the conjunction.

These conjunctions take place about every two years. The last one was the conjunction of August 25, 2014. The astro-locality map below shows the area of the U.S. the conjunction affected.

The day after, on August 26th, the Weather Channel reported that heavy showers and thunderstorms affected Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nevada with torrential downpours, flash flooding, damaging wind gusts, and hail. This was due to a potent disturbance that moved through the central Rockies closely fitting the position of Mars-Saturn in the astro-locality map. As can be seen from this map, the Mars-Saturn line passed through southern California which at this time also experienced damaging high surf, very strong rip currents, and coastal flooding. Check out the Accuweather map below and the waves in the second pic. 

Big Waves Continue to Hit California as Hurricane Marie Effect Wanes (LA Times) Aug 28, 2014 by Veronica Rocha

On October 11th of this year, Jupiter will activate the disruptive Mars-Saturn conjunction activating the same area covered in the astro-locality map above. At this time, there will also be a Venus-Uranus opposition that will affect the West Coast States (map not shown). This opposition normally coincides with lower ranges of temperature, wind, and rain. When overlaying the two maps together, they both affect the southern California area suggesting a severe weather pattern there. So, around the 11th of October the West Coast States, Great Basin, and Rockies should be subjected to a similar weather pattern that affected the central Rockies around August 25-28 this year. Southern California may be in for a more intense weather pattern than the other areas. This could mean increased rainfall, flooding, landslides, and coastal erosion.  

The Climate Prediction Center, as of September 4, 2014, has issued an El Niño Watch meaning that the chance of an El Niño forming this fall and winter is at 60-65 percent. El Niños affect the storm tracks over the western U.S. pushing them southward toward Southern California. The above planetary analysis may be indicating such a southern trajectory during the days before and after October 11, 2014.  

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