Thursday, October 30, 2014

West Coast Weather: November 15-21, 2014

The planet Neptune in astro-meteorology is considered the pluvial planet par excellence. Under Neptune's signature the temperature rises and humidity increases. When Neptune occupies important positions in key charts, such positions portend downfall in excess of the seasonal average. For these reasons, it is worthwhile to turn our attention to the abovementioned period. Neptune, at this time, achieves its direct station meaning that from our position on Earth, Neptune appears to move forward in the heavens after over 5 months of retrograde motion.

One of the areas that will be affected by this change of motion and by other planetary alignments that take place shortly thereafter is the West Coast of the United States. As can be seen from the astro-locality map below a number of planets (Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune) are in key positions over this portion of the country at the time of the Last Quarter Moon of November 14th.

Here's the way the timing takes place: On the 15th, the Moon will oppose Neptune (the vertical line in the above map). Then on the 16th, Neptune commences its direct motion. On the 18th the Sun and Saturn (the upper and middle white lines) form a conjunction. On the 19th, Venus (the lower white line) will align with Pluto (not shown).

The general idea is that a low pressure system or strong front will begin to affect the West Coast states during this time with the potential for heavy rainfall. This could drag on from a few days to a week it seems.

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