Tuesday, October 21, 2014

November 22-25, 2014 East Coast Forecast

The New Moon of November 22, 2014, falls in opposition to the Solar Eclipse degree of May 20, 2012. This will serve to activate the eclipse and the positions that the planets held at that time. These eclipse charts are valuable for long-range weather forecasters. So let’s try and determine what type of weather pattern will ensue at this time. The map below shows where the planets were rising, setting, culminating, and anti-culminating at the time for the eclipse.

We can see a number of planets congregated along the U.S. East Coast. This is where we should focus our attention roughly between November 22nd and 25th. In addition to this initial triggering of the eclipse, other planets will activate a couple of the original planets that run the length of the East Coast from Florida to New England. There are a few things we might expect from this setup. We may see a front that runs along the East Coast and generates storms as it pushes eastward. In the past the triggering of this eclipse has coincided with tropical systems along the U.S. East Coast. That is a possibility, although not a very likely one. We’ve also seen, in other instances, heavy rain due to tropical moisture even though there was no organized tropical system. 
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