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December 2014 Forecast Results Part 1

Here are some results of the December 2014 Weather Predictions that I posted on December 5th. In this post, I followed a number of solar eclipses that were being triggered during December and forecast the weather conditions that, according to my experience with astro-meteorology, would result.

December 16

The first forecast period was centered on December 16th. The area to be affected was the U.S. eastern Plains where stormy conditions were to ensue. The astro-locality map of the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse on which I based the forecast is repeated below.

Compare the crossing of planetary lines over the U.S. eastern Plains with the low pressure area in Weather Channel map for December 15th below.

The National Weather Service in part reported, "...Swath of accumulating snows expected with a wrapped up storm system tracking through the central U.S...Moisture being pulled from
the Gulf of Mexico will fuel moderate to heavy rains...with embedded

December 19

The next forecast discussed the solar eclipse of November 3, 2013. Here I considered 4 areas that would be affected by severe weather: the eastern Plains, the Rockies/Plains boundary, the Pacific Northwest and northern California, and the Georgia/Alabama/Tennessee area. Let's look at each one.

Eastern Plains

The forecast called for severe weather during the period from the 19th and into the next few days. A large storm system, according to the National Weather Service, is set to produce precipitation across the Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas on the 22nd.


The boundary between the Rockies and Plains is having a bit more of a weather reaction. The Weather Channel map below for the 19th shows a stationary front forming along the length of the area. The front is causing patchy freezing fog over parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles all the way south to the Texas-New Mexico state lines. Fog is also a problem along the front in North Dakota. Gusty winds and snow are expected in southeastern Montana on the 20th. Gusty winds and heavy snow will also affect southeastern Wyoming and reach down to Colorado due to a low driving southeast into the Plains.

Pacific Northwest and Northern California

The above map also shows a cold front entering the Pacific Northwest and northern California. In the words of Accuweather on December 18th: Northwest Storm to Unleash Heavy Rain, Fierce Winds.


A low pressure area and rain are forecast to move into this area and produce rain over Georgia and Alabama. As can be seen from map below, rain is affecting this very area.

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