Saturday, December 13, 2014

January 19-25, 2015 East Coast Nor'easter and Southern California Storm

The seven-day period from January 19-25 has some interesting planetary alignments that seem to promise noteworthy weather on both the East and West coasts of the United States. The line up is as follows: Venus opposition Jupiter, and Mars conjunct Neptune on the 19th, Mars parallel Neptune on the 20th, Mercury's retrograde station on the 21st, and a Mercury-Venus parallel, and Sun-Saturn parallel on the 25th.

West Coast

When taken together, the aspects on the 19th and 20th increase the availability of warm, moist air over the West Coast states. Mercury's retrograde station, known for its tendency to bring cold fronts and windy conditions, then kicks in. Key charts place this influence over Southern California. As we progress toward the end of the forecast period, the final planetary combinations provide a clash between warm, moist are from the Mercury-Venus combination, and cold, damp air as represented by the Sun and Saturn. So, a storm system bringing windy conditions seems to be indicated over the West Coast states as far as south as Southern California.

East Coast

The New Moon chart of January 20th, places the aforementioned Mercury and Saturn over the East Coast especially over North Carolina. The New Moon itself will trigger the solar eclipse of October 23, 2014, which set up a configuration of planets over the Northeast United States that spells storm conditions. One scenario is that a strong cold front penetrates the eastern portion of the country and produces a low pressure area over the Carolinas that then moves northward to the Northeast and New England perhaps with Nor'easter potential. Speaking of Nor'easters, I just checked the weather records for October 23, 2014 when the solar eclipse set up the initial configuration I mentioned above. Guess what? A Nor'easter hit the area. Here's the Weather Channel map below.

Their headlines read, "Nor'easter in the Northeast, soaking in the Northwest." At that time soaking rains covered the Northeast and New England with northeast winds from 15 to 35 mph. The scenario for January 19-25 may be similar.

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Gary (NJ) said...

Do you mean January 2015 here?

The Weather Alternative said...

Thanks, Gary!

Unknown said...

thus far local weather forecasters have not picked up on the upcoming wet period..I sure hope your right as we are desperate for a snow pack.

The Weather Alternative said...

My fingers are crossed!