Sunday, January 25, 2015

Results of East Coast Nor’easter and Southern California Storm

In a long-range weather forecast posted last December 13th, I gave my take on the noteworthy weather that I thought would affect the East and West Coasts between the 19th and 25th of January. Let’s see what happened.

 East Coast

My forecast relied heavily on the October 23rd 2014 solar eclipse which was now being activated and previously had produced, according to astro-meteorology, a Nor’easter over the U.S. Northeast and New England. One scenario I suggested was a low pressure area over the Carolinas that would then strengthen and move northward to the Northeast and New England with potential to develop into a   Nor’easter. On the 23rd and 24th as can be seen in the Accuweather map below, a low developed and passed over the Carolinas becoming a major winter storm that affected the Northeast and New England.  Accuweather’s headline was, “Major Snowstorm May Hit I-95 Corridor From DC to NYC, Boston.”  

Now, what’s coming on the heels of that is another major blizzard that starts to affect the Northeast and New England just a day after my forecast period ended on the 25th. That is to say that on the 26th, a blizzard will, in the words of Accuweather, shut down Boston and the New York City area. The next Accuweather map shows the extent of the storm.

West Coast

Due to certain planetary aspects I envisioned a storm system over the area, especially Southern California. Now, I thought that this storm system entailed moisture, which is desperately needed there, however, there was no precipitation. Because of Mercury’s retrograde station, which is a wind-breeding influence, my forecast also called for windy conditions as far south as Southern California. The windy conditions over Southern California were what did materialize.

 Starting on the 21st and continuing through the 25th, the National Weather Service began to post wind warnings for Southern California. Their posts warned of locally gusty winds, and strong and damaging winds, or what are known as Santa Ana winds. Fox news reported more than 54,000 customers who were affected by power outages in the Los Angeles area due to fierce Santa Ana winds that toppled trees and knocked down power poles across the area. The area was also besieged by dangerous rip currents and high surf due to a storm system in the Pacific Ocean. Below is a picture of high surf crashing over the Southern California coast on the 24th.

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Unknown said...

predicting precip in Calif. is akin to trying to catch a falling knife. nice job on the wind and nor easter,

The Weather Alternative said...

Thanks, Bob!